Sun God For A Cause

Every year, ASCE presents a new Sun God For a Cause philanthropy initiative to give back to our local San Diego community. It uses our platform to raise awareness and bring attention to a cause. This year, ASCE will be working with Streets of Hope, TREND, and Asian American Advocacy to donate clothing and feminine hygienic products to a homeless shelter in San Diego.

How can I participate in Sun God For A Cause?

This year's Sun God For A Cause will be divided into two parts:
  1. a donation drive in collaboration with our partners, Streets of Hope and Asian American Advocacy where students can donate health-related items and feminine hygiene-related items listed below!
  2. decorating an exclusive Sun God Festival 2023 tote bag (first come, first serve) with us and our partner, TREND on Library Walk!


Thank you to our partners!

Streets Of Hope Logo

Streets of Hope San Diego is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to connect with and help individuals who are homeless and unsheltered. This is done via weekly food and hygiene product distributions, cold weather essential donations, resume workshops, kids events and resources, and assisting individuals and families transition into a home.

TREND Magazine Logo

TREND Magazine is a student-run magazine focused on fashion, art, and music. Engage in fashion on and off the runway through styled photo shoots, fashion shows, and sustainable pop up thrift events. Delve into the San Diego music scene through their concert reviews and recaps. Connect with creatives at UCSD.

Asian American Advocacy Logo

Asian Americans Advocacy at UCSD aims to provide education and promote awareness for Asian Americans and strive to help others understand and recognize advancements and areas for growth within the Asian American community. Our priority is to provide community resources and volunteer opportunities to support impacted communities such as the elderly and youth.